IM BACK!!!!!!!

hey gur hey
finally after a week lets count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 days of being sick i have returned lol.
i hope u guys have been better than me!
see once i get up n goin with updatin my blog sumthin always cums up n hold me back lol.
i cant believe me of all ppl got sick!uh hello i wash my hands 24/7 n i even took sum vitamins n stay up on my sunny d n wut happenes?!a germ sneaks n me n sets me back awhole week!
i was in that bed 4 7 days(which usually i dont mind wen its my own choice lol),
so for that matter i dont have much 2 update yall on cept 4 i fianlly as of 2 day...wait r yall ready 4 this.........i finally uploaded my pics off of my camera on2 tha pc!!im so proud of myself i finally figured it out!!!!so b sure 2 stick around n chck tha pics out..
ugh just got a txt from wtf is this?sum1s always trynna play a damr prank..sprint leave my number outta of it..
anyways im gona go over n program this twitter 2 my phone so i wnt ever b w/o it again haha later aligator ; )

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