gettin' physically fit...

me and a friend think that we have gained a few extra lbs since we've graduated high school last year so we've decided that we're goin to start workin out this summer!

we plan on workin out early in the mornings..idk wut we're gonna do a couple laps, sit ups, crunches idk lol..i havent worked out since..hmm i believe my jr of high school when i was a cheer leader omg that was so long ago way outta shape..i think we need 2 start me out with a half of a lap or sumthin lol..

anyway our first day of work out is coming soon so i will most def be keepin you guys up dated on my achin body..i know its gonna hurt..but i wanna lose at least 3 lbs before the summer ends!..i guess i should put down these chips then!!!


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