In the Moment

Hey dolls whatssup!!

Im in a pretty good mood today!I dont know why that is I just feel like i should be excited about something lol

So tonight me and probably just the girls because all of the guys are acting pretty darn flaky!will be heading out to a place that ive never been before, and if i tell ya'll, ya'll would be like girl where you been in a cave somewhere lmao

I dont know what to wear tonight. i mean its pretty hott out right baskin out in the sun watching my fam do some yard work!i know why am i not out there helping right?!because my hands are to precious to be out there doing that manuel labor lmao..besides im much beter at watching!i tend to mess things up and get fussed at so yea id much rather just sit and watch!

However this sun out here is killin' me!!i have on these shoes that expose the tops of my feet and the sun feels like its burning my skin!!!so i had to roll up outta that sun before my feet became charcol haha..

As of right now ive made my way back into the cool breezy house with now nothing really to do since everyones outside slaving lol so i guess ill just chill and continue talking to my homie christina via txt message!

Isnt it strange how you lose contact with someone from skool then bam its just like old times and her went to middle and highschool togethere so now that we've graduated im curious to see if me and her will still do our old silly things we used to do back in fact she would have gone out with us tonight but homie gotta work.she's such a doll!

Back on tonight though.Don't you guys hate it when you invite someone out with you and they either don't text you back or tell you that they'll get back to you and don't or how bout this one say they'll come and then never show!For some reason that just really bothers me lmao.i mean if you don't wanna go just text back and be like not this time imma chill else where.Dont leave yo homie hangin' rude lol

Im sure we'll take loads of pictures tonight and i can't wait to share them with all my dolls!!

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