just a rant...

so i tried 2 highlite my hair myself..bottom line i just couldnt figure it out and my sister tha one who was supposed 2 help me got n2 with her bf so she didnt look like she was n tha mood and i was sick of runnin round this house lookin like who did it and why!
so i went upstairs and tried 2 highlite my hari..what a disaster..i couldnt get tha little thingy thru tha hole 2 pull tha hair out so finally i was like well my hair is gettin color in it im not up here doin all this work 4 nothing!
pulled out tha red dye and bam..all over tha sink down my arm across my foreheada.what a mess if that dont cum outta mams sink im n trouble lmao!!!!
so no highlites u guys ill settle 4 red hair..ill put sum pics up after i style it n wut not.
well my neck is drippin wet so ima go b4 i dye this pc chair red!!

Tiff xoxo

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