I know its been such a long time and I dont even have an excuse as to why I havent updated you :( lol. I just haven really been in the "writing" mood so I let it be for awhile.But I'm back!So how have you guys been?As always I hope all is well!

Lets see what I can I update with..AH yes my birthday!Finally hit the big 2-0 gosh I'm getting old lol.It was fun though we had a cool little family function for it and for once a get together were NOBODY fought anybody there were no arguements everyone just kind of chilled. Can ya'll believe that I didnt even drink yes me Tiffany my stomach was not up for it on my own birthday!!!Probably because my wack sister gave me her virus and I was still in "recovery" yes YOU punk lol.It's cool though I'll make up for it at our next function so get ready to clean up my trow ups lol :)

School is almost finished and Im super pumped about it. Iam ready for summer time to break out the flip flops throw on the shades slide back the sun roof and go to the zoo yes I did say the zoo ya'll know I love my animals ooouuuccchhhh good times to come!!!

enjoy the rest of your day and Im not going to promise that I'll update in a few days its just not possible with me lately lol

hugs and kisses to all *muah*

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