Annoying guys..boy bye!

First how we liking the new layout??...anywho lol

Let me tell ya'll I gave this guy my number which normally I dont do but I was like he seems cool everytime I see him we chat and everythings everythings..NO! mistake a BIG one.Homeboy been blowing my phone up textin me at three o'clock in the mornin wakin me up seeing if I'm still up um wtf go somewhere with that. Time to start duckin and dodging then maybe he'll just go away otherwise Im gonna have to be mean and I dont wanna do that *sigh* I was gearing up to type this I kid you not he texted me ugh boy bye PLEASE!

Besides homeboy wasnt giving me no excitement. I enjoy being single so when scratch that IF I do decide that I want to settle down and get serious with someone they gotta be a great catch and keep my interest because as ya'll may know by now I get bored and uninterrested easily..Im sorry but its the truth lmfao. I dont see why people make it seem like its such a drag or a bore or its too lonely to be single. But honestly I'll take my lonely (not very often) days over a stressful, drama-field relationship any day. Besides theres nothing wrong with getting a little lonely every now and then because lets face it everyone gets lonely rather you wanna admit to it or not, its when you get desperate thats where it becomes an issue and honey child that is one thing that iam not is desperate!..anywho I think im all off subject and rambling about lol..

In other news lol, I passed my test and now Iam able to enter into the program and go to school. I aint never been so stressed out over a test in my life lmao...I barelly passed but as my sister says a pass is a pass lol...Whew and that math...can we just say I said a prayer and me and my Lord was seeing eye to eye and he worked it out for me forreal lol..thank you God!!!!

Thats all I feel like sharing right now cause my tummy is rumbling and sreamin for me to feed it. catch ya'll later!


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