Hello To All!!

Hello to all I hope everyone is doing fab. I can't believe I haven't made a post since October. That's what nine months wow! Well I hope everyone had some great holidays lol.

Now to business. As you can see I changed the whole look of my blog. Why you ask? Because as I've gotten older and changed I have fallen madly inlove with yes, you've guessd it makeup! I can't get enough of this this stuff it's bad haha. However Im not looking to spend a fortune to get a great look. In later monther I've made purchases with MAC and Sephora. I enjoyed my products I got from them however I've discovered you can get the same results without the whole name brand fancy stuff.

So that's what this new blog will be about from now on:beauty, and my life. More detailed post to follow. I have to run bye guys :)!

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