Late posting..

I havent been on my blog in a minute no reason really just haven't had the urge to make a posting and even now I haven't a clue as to what I want to say!

It's summer time and this summer I plan on having fun with my girls and just not even focuss on you guys. Shaking my head why can't you guys just act right hu hu HU?lmao. You know the saying one messes it up for all..well in this case more like a few lol :). I just I don't know I'm not feeling it anymore I'm the only one trying and hell its even gotten to the point where I dont even care if we speak most days. I mean why should I obviously you're not to concerned with me cause my phone sure as hell has not been blowing up with you're name next to it. So kanye shrug and keep trucking!

Today was alot of fun the food the laughs just it all. Sometimes all you need is some good friends and laughs to make you forget all the nonsense..or a couple shots of vodka haha kidding!

Have ya'll seen my girl Janets new cut ahhhhh JJ is working it!

Front view

Back view

And her and mr. yummy lmao get it girl!!!

Let me roll up out of here it's late <3

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