So I don't know why but I feel like I've lost my blogging touch and the "want" to actually write.Maybe that's why I barely make any posts anymore or when I do make a post its just a quick rant and keep it moving lol.

Anyway summers almost up and I really didnt do anything exciting. Attended a few functions of course indulged in some drinks ;) and spent time with the fam. Although it hasnt been exciting its the little things that make my days spending time with my family and close friends is where it counts in the end.'s kinda this guy Im totally crushing on I feel like Im back in school days or something lol. I don't overlly bug just enough to let him know yeah you've caught my eye.Its nothing serious but it's nice to have those "crushing" feelings again...okay let me stop before I get the urge to want to delete this whole paragraph lol

I've been on a "cam whorin" (lol) phase this week but this pic goes straight out my Jan jan.So bummed I can't go to her show this month but that just means I'll have to have my own concert at home with my all for live in hawaii and the velvet rope dvds yep I said it!


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