Lets get it all out there...

Having a hard time getting up and getting going today so I thought I'd make a quick post :)

So, as we all know Iam a HUGE Janet Jackson, and Mariska Hargitay Stan. Yes these two women are extremely talented, and beautiful (lets face it their beauty makes me gag for my life!!!!) but it goes much deeper than that. They do alot for others and not for the "praise" of hollywood but because their heart is simply just that big. Their list of envolvement of charity work combined is amazing. I engourage you all to get out in your communities and get envolved anyway you can. You don't have to be rich to show that you care just reach out. You never know how much of an impact you can make on someone's life by just by being there and showing your heart. So thank you Mariska for starting your foundation, and thank you Janet for all the work you do for children <3

I have to admit that I watch tons, and tons, and TONS of SVU! I know every Tuesday is marathon day and after work my schedule is cleared (I have a point trust me lol). So, because of this and the subject matter that is on every episode I started to really and I mean really look into the Joyful Heart Foundation. What they do is amazing but really looking into the numbers of how many children, and women that get assaulted each year is astonishing and very sad. I feel like my heart just ways heavy on this issue.

I know neither Janet or Mariska will ever see this post(lol) but I made it for me, I made it for you, I made it for whoever has the time to sit down and read it :)

Okay it's time for me to get my butt up and get my day started got along fun night ahead of me. You guys enjoy your Saturday aswell and stop by http://www.joyfulheartfoundation/ xoxo

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