Just Read..

Ive been meaning to put up a new post just havent gotten around to it.Ugh so much shit has been going on that I for one am glad its a new month so long May and the baggage I leave in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im so excited its summer time. I just want to have fun and hang with my girls. Not really feeling jumping right back into another relationship the way my mind is right now Im like FUCK love lol.No but really Id rather be single then to have to deal with that back and forth shit this is why I usually keep my gaurd up with men but you live and you learn.Now Ill admit I spent countless nights up crying and all but Im just ready to see what else is out there Im kind of excited :)!!
Old friends are back in my life and a few new ones too so not all is lost.Sometimes you just have to breathe deep look to God and know everything will bo okay :)
Anyway Im rambling lol so I think Ill end it here.By the way new poems are up!!

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