ooh thats gotta hurt look out for that!..o well too late lol..
yesterday i watched wipeout for the first time ever i dont know if it's a new show or not but i got a really good laugh last nite!i mean hoes was floppin on balls left and rite, falling in mud..and the best was when they were up on these like tall stools and this circular thing would come around and you would have to either jump over, or go under neath it!
you guessed it they had people falling all in the water grown men in cheetah speedos screaming like littele girls(wait back up did i just say cheetah speedo's?)yes i did lmao.now how all that banging around didn't hurt his man package one will never know haha..
i tell you the things people will do for money..well actually if i were more in shape i wouldnt mind doing that show.you get 50,000$ for doing all these different physical stunts,its not like they're asking to eat bugs (fearfactor)lol..i cant front i used to watch that show faithfully me and my father everyday at 5 on tha dot!good times..
if you're looking for a gut buster laugh and to see these hoes get punched out tune in every wednesday nite at 8/7esp only on abc..i should so be their spokesperson haha..
til' next time dolls*

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