Do Not Do the Crime If You Can Not Do The Time!!

Suspect midnite...crime..eating this plant....

so this is my sisters dog but they've been stayin here with us and this lil guy has become like my dog!however he has a little sweet tooth for mamas plants and we just can't have that!
imean every time i turned around these past few days ive seen little strails of plant leaves all throughout the sadly enough it has come down 2 sleeping in that kennel : (..aww i hate punishing (or wen he gets punished) the lil guy hes soo adorable but he has to learn..and he better learn fast for his sake lol
he was so scared this morning he wouldnt even come out of his kennel lol..speaking of which id better go up stars and check on him..and i better not find any plant leaves any where!!!!

be back to post later "all my childrens" is coming on


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