Step Into My Mind..

Hey dolls im nothing is really happening tonight!
which doesnt really surprise usually kinda tired and lazy on fridays even if i dont do anything all day idk why that is though lmao
Aint that a damn shame you can text ppl all day who live generally around where u do but yet ya'll dont do nothing haha that's funny because im doing it right now..both of us r bored yet neither of us have invited the other over or suggested we do anything.
its a guy so the only reason he ever invites me over anyway is to try and get me to do something(i don't need to say rite lol)boy please only way im coming over is if you offering free food..ya'll know im cheap haha

He may come out with us tommorw night but idk he tends to like to stay in the background alot.Its not like we're hitting up a night club or too young to get into clubs and fake ids are well just lame imo lol..there really isnt that much to do around here anyway which is why we create our own things to do.Just last week we had a "movie" night i quote because it ended up turning into a game a night.and guess what i lost!me and candy lost EVERY single game we played that haha i aint trippin' it was a fun night to just sit and chill with the girls!

Hanging with your girls is always fun!but somtimes you need to throw a guy or two or three or..well you get the point just saying sometimes guys when they aren't hitting on you are fun to hang around aswell.i love my guy friends!they always make me laugh and cheer up if im down*SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY HOMIES!*lmao

Someone who is not on my homie list at the moment is well we disclose names here!so we'll just move on from that subject!

I think i better go now..I feel like imma act a foo and i aint even had no vodka in me haha!

I love all my dolls goodnite...

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