what do you think ?!

hey guys so i did sum work on tha blog and i gotta say im diggin this new look..this is so me i fianlly got it rite its so hott!lol
so please do leave comments and let me know what you guys think :)..

in other news besides workin on this blog ive been babysitting my sisters childrens my days gone as follows:

"NO!stop don't touch that"
"marcus arent you supposed to go on the potty"
"midnite leave those plants alone!"

o boy iam pooped!and now mothers home about to start working on her yard like all the other neighbors..it is a nice day..i guess i should go out and help but yall know she always think we super women..that will end up being another post all in itself.she want me to help her lift sum stones wtf lol!

well she bribed me by making her delicious home made pizza yum cant weight! *edit my dumbass put the wrong wait*haha long day...

*oops..i guess i can cheat this time you guys know im supposed to be sticking to my daily excercises*

future posts to come:
freebies*we all love free things whose gonna win all these*
more pictures
thoughts on season finale of americas next top model
summer time fun

till next time love tiff*

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