Down In The Slumps..

you ever just have one of those days or moments where you're just kinda down and dont feel like doing much?well thats where iam right about now..i don't know what happened i just woke with the sounds of my phone ringing..i looked at it and just let it ring was one of my ex's..he must just can't catch a clue..i mean its not that i don't want to talk to him its just that..he calls all day everyday..its sort of annoyin!lol..i mean who could blame trying to start something new with a (well i dont know if you could actually call him a friend of his i mean we all went to high school togethere!)but what ever you want to call that makes it kind of awarkward if im talking to me ex who by the way could care less if i had a boyfriend or not, with those comments that he makes.(i have no intentions of ever getting back togethere with him)

so i had to think about would i feel if the guy im talking to just talked to his ex for hours in days.i did would anyone would do..i just stopped answerin my phone..some were on purpose some missed calls where accidents.but i mean whatever i tried being nice and it just wasnt gettin through.i dont mind being his friend but seriously lay off of the callin homie!lol

anyway enough of that subject i swear its like my exs take up alot of my posts lol...

my nephew is in the cutest little phase ever!..his new thing is the movie cars!he loves every thing about it.he watches it morning afternoon and night one wants to watch the movie anymore but it doesnt phase him..hes only two and he'll go and find the movie wipe it off then pop it n the dvd, grab some cover and some snacks and chill.i mean he will actually just sit and watch this entire movie by himself!

while im here updating my blog and surfing the net hes over in the next room watching his movie and yelling out his favorite parts!this is the easiest movie ive ever had to do lol..usually hes talkin to me.and i mean talking to me none stop until someone comes and releaves me of my duties lmao

i have gotten all off my topic..and while sitting here listening to my nephew quote this movie and dance to little songs and he's only two..just brings a smile to my face..(this is him being good i'' give him about 30minutes before he starts acting up again lol)


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