I could just scream...

after gettin online to see how much my school books will cost this summer i notice tha they have dropped me from my summer class..o hell nw wtf is goin ?! i have a scholarship that is supposed to pay for my college education so they bet not b tryin to screw me over.i aint got time to be playing around i wanna hit this whole school thing out of the ball park!!

anyway..how was everyones weekend?mine just fine..well kinda like i said i hung out with sum friends friday nite then saturday was idk lol we were trynna find sumthin 2 do but ended up just stayin home.i had me a little one on one therapy time by mz.diva combs(lol)and that went on for hours!who knew that i had been holding in so much stuff..so after i finally came to my senses about who i truell wanted to be with we watched this movie called "a good man is hard to fine"..ok so the movie was way under budget i dont think it ever went to theatres lmao..i get the moral of the story but still it was comical even though it wasnt supposed to be!

on sunday i just kinda chilled with the family and we watched two great movies.they were"taken" and "not easily broken"..those movies if you havent seeen them you need 2!they were very good and kept my attention which is hard to do lol

i need to go now and take a nap and get ready for 2mrw i may not like the out-come of this....no scratch that i think my cosbys is on gotta go!

til' next time tiff

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