update on school..

so the other day me and a friend had to drive all the way down to the school and see why i was dropped from my class.when we got there i had a mettin with this man and he explained everythin 2 me and blah blah blah..so instead of takin summer classes he enrolled me for fall classes completly payed for and all i have 2 do is pay for books..now since time has gone by and i thought i was enrolled for summer classes the fall classes are pretty much full so iam goin to have one janky schedule in the fall!i had to take what i could get!

i would say im happy with the out come i know i was mad at first lol but ay now all i gotta do is sit back this summer and chill and get my mind ready 4 these fall classes..dang i went from takin two classes this summer to four in tha fall..what happened lol..


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