Make-Up Reviews

so today was plannin on goin out but idk now tha weather has really takin a turn!imean it went from sunny day to gloomy day in a matter of two hours!

anyway when ever i go out i have a tendacy to wear make up.i love make up and everything about it.i think ive become obsessed with it over this past year!i only wear the whole nine yard when im going some where important. for instance if my just running in and out of a grocery store i only wear eye liner mascara and a little bit of lip gloss for that shine!

a secreat for me is that less is always best..choose wisely on how to wear your make up no need to over do it all the time.keep in mind that old saying "alot of make-up is for them ugly girls!"

majority of my make-up all come for the mabeline line.i love what they sell and how the product looks on me.a couple of weeks ago i bought sum of their liquid moose and eye shadow.omg the eye shadows colors are amazing! i love the can go from simple and classy to a very deep chic dramatic look.and you guys know me i aim to bargain(prob because im cheap lol)i got everything for a steal super cheap!and although i dont have all of the colors in my wardrobe miss j (from america next top model)said to match your eye shadow with your shirts as less as thats what i do i like to play around and get creative.

i will def b posting pictures on how the product looks on me a little later.just to give you guys a feel.since iam a woman of color id say im satisfied ; )

til' next time tiff*

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