Teen Pregnancy..

i kno i said i was leavin but hearin these bad children talk n cuss n act a fool just triggered a post n me!

why is it that there are sooooooo many teens who r currently pregnant?i mean i dont get it i kno how it is 2 just have your hormones racin but seriously u cant take a half of a milasecond out 2 stop n think if you're really protectin yourself?

now if we're gonna get n2 that then we mite as well bring up the issue of the rise of stds n teens alone.to me its just kinda sad bcuz havin all of the information that we have 2day just makes me wanna shake sum ppl n go"do u really know wut you're gettin yourself n2?"lol

now im not sayin dont have sex or wutever(bcuz we all if u havent already will eventually do it)i just feel like if youre goin 2 do it just make sure u kno the person and wut typa back ground they come with..i guess 4 me i dont have casual sex and i dont believe in it..i feel if youre goin 2 give yourself 2 a person in that matter why not b in love?

and further more all these teens gettin pregnant knowin they cant afford 2 have a baby.now thats just selfish.no need 2 drag that out n a full blown paragraph cuz we all kno who would end up raisin it ur parents who are tryin 2 raise you!!!!!!!
and dont even get me started on those teen that be on the maury show talkin bout how they wanna baby and r tryin 2 get knocked up boo hoe go get a lyfe, or better yet do tha world a favor and just get your education nstead.......dumb bi0tches lol
n dont act like yall wasnt thinkin it..i just said it lol...well thats all 4 now gonna go bother mother tuddles kiddies!!

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