good ole' child hood days!!


-little bear

the jetsons

hey arnold

the flintstones

sailor moon
was just thinkin 2 myself 4 quite sumtime now wut ever happened 2 those good ole' child hood cartoons?i kno very random dont judge me lol!
no but seriously u remeber those cartoons that wud cum on and ur parents wud b relieved that ure leavin them alone 4 a couple hrs on saturday mornings??
i used 2 absolutely love sailor moon,rugrats,hey arnold,jetsons,flintstones,and little bear! and 4 u guys that dont know wut im talkin bout let me refresh ur minds.i posted a couple of pics of wut tha cartoons used 2 look like!
i mean i kno im older now but geez how lame r these cartoons now 4 this generation of kids?i mean seriously have we cum 2 flyin animals singin tryin 2 save other animals?is that how far that tv has traveled how wack n lame is that.i feel sorry 4 todays kids havin 2 settle 4 that crap i mean cum on get real!!!
wen i was a kid i used 2 love 2 watch every single last one of these tha only good ones r scooby doo,spongebob,and the backyardiggans!
cum on ppl bring back those good ole' child hood cartoons b4 i lose my mind lol...or sum1 could just send me all of these on a dvd and we'll call it even lol.
who else wishes these shows still ran???cum on i kno im not tha only 1!!!
b4 i go..i kno this isnt really a cartoon but i used 2 love watchin happy days..i think it was tha theme song that did it 4 me haha..
chao kiddies!!

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