still awake...

it is now approachin 3am here n iam still awake..idk wuts wrong with me but i just cant sleep at nite..sleepin pills wont even work on me wtf man?!
so 2nite summer enrollment strtd 4 college at midnite and wen u think that my insomina(sp?! lol)would actually cum n handy tha freakin site wont load!!either theres 2many ppl out there trynna enroll or their site just sucks!go 2 sleep ppl lmao
i would take sum pics n post em on up but im lookin like moofasfa himself lmoa.i got my hair washed and have yet 2 straighten it.ive been super lazy.dont judge me!
while browsin on my blog ive noticed that alot of ppl read my blog yall just dont b leavin no comments wutsup with that lmao..naw just knowin theres peeps out there readin this blog is enuff lol
i know i shud b up n my bed rite now forcin myself 2 bed but idk i just got soo much crap on my mind.
for starters yall know that ex of mine i started back talkin 2?well hes bein a complete asshole rite now.idk wut im gonna do bcuz me yes me have fallen for him yet again.idk y we as women always seem 2 fall 4 tha same guys repeatedly wen we know damn well that they aint changed.and i know that i cant change him but i guess tha hardest part is givin that person up yet again!
i hate it wen ppl play with my emotions and my time.hes actin like he already has me on his back burner and can call me wen he pleases uh YEAH RITE!!!
i may fall for yo sweet talkin but that runs out eventually.all that crap bout him wantin 2 get serious with me again was all just a load of boo whooo go cry me a river and get outa my mind!
this just sucks cuz i kno for a fact that he is not up thinkin bout me n if he was up those days of our late nite chats have cum 2 an end hes made that very clear.can yall beleive he had tha audascity(sp?)2 tell me tha reason i aint heard from him all wknd is bcuz hes been partyin ok wtf does that mean???????i thot wknds were supposed 2 b spent with ur gurl/dude xspecially if yall dont see eachother durin tha wk.chhhhhild please its time 2 hang up tha phone on him ive been nice 4 2 long lmao
ima go idk wut bouts 2 do...maybe roseannes on.always get a kick outa that show that lady is Krazy with a capital K lmao nitey nite luvs!

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