ok sup guyz!
i kno i said i wud b back 2 post updates on that nite but iaint gon lie i been kinda lazy i aint even update my twitter n sum days lol.but im back now!!

so after that nite wen we all hung out it was fun and we've all been keepin touch with one another..that is until a coupke days ago my ex thinks that he can just up n play mind games on me n disappear on me.uh-uh not having it.see im not playin any of those games either u wanna b with me n hang or u dont.so 2day finally he crawls back from outa tha ground(only bcuz i txtd him n told him happy easter ay i had 2..everyone shud b nice 2day,2day is the day Jesus died 4 us!!)so he txts back n says tha same..im like wow uve been mia all these days n havent txtd me or jen n now all of a sudden u can reply 2 that lmao give me a break womp womp!!i just sent him a txt back n am eager 2 c if he sends a reply back prob not but im still gonna get kicks from bloggin bout it lol

so anways off of that my wknd..well it wasnt 2 much of nething i was gonna hang with a friend on friday nite but i thik she was with her gf cuz i aint hear from til bout 11 at nite n i had already turned my phone n was chillin n my bed!so saturday was supposed 2 b sum kinda family day where my paw paw was supposed 2 cum over n hang ut of course story of my life those plans fell thru as well.so me n mama got sum chinesse food(which was freakin great!!)n hung at home watchin "yes mna".it was a funny moive..not as funny as she made it seem tho lol...my all time fav jim carrey movie is...."ACE VENTURA"i L-O-V-E that movie lol

so 2day is like i said easter sunday and my moms bf got my paw paw sum free baseball tickects..i believe tha ny yankes r playin our royals 2day..we all kno who gon win lmao..sorry but i keeps it real ima kc gurl but tha royals they kinda dont win that often i had 2 b tha one 2 say it lmao.i hope he stops by here after tha game.he always buts a smile on my face and has sumthing stupid 2 say which is why we love him lol.

ooh guess wut guyz i finally figured it out.i bet yall sayin figured wut out that uve lost ur mind lmao.naw but i finally figured out how 2 put my pics off my camera on2 a pc..i know im like 20 yrs late but im not smart wen it cums 2 pcs lol.i havent figured out how 2 put them up on my pc i have them up on my sisters lap top but her pc wnt connect 2 tha internet over here just yet so itll b awhile longer till im postin my pics.all that matters is that i figured it out all on my own lol.

ill b re-enrollin n2 sm more college classes 2 further my career n nursin im so xcited bout that idk y cuz i hate skool but im xcited lol!

ima jet now homies catch yall n a few luvs!!

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