weird things!!

hey yall hey how r yall?!
me im doin i kno u guyz r tired of hearin bout that ex of mine but ay i gotta get this ish off my mind things r goin pretty goood so far again he was so sweet last nite it was kinda freaky!anwyas ive it all out so that he can wash my car 4 me cuz my ride is lookin kinda..well no not kinda..its lookin hella BAD lmao!
so this strange # has been callin me 4 quite sum time(n durin my soap opera time thats a no! ha) n i didnt know who it was so if ure like me i dont answer #s that i dont know it cud b tha pope himself callin n i still wudnt answer lol.
so 2day they finally..after days of callin left a vmail n guess who it was guyz??????????
it was 1 of my xs!!!!!!!wut is goin on lol??y r all of my xs cumin back all at once lmao
and not 2 mention these 2 exs of mine r friends but this x is off n another country n tha army im proud of him!!
but still its just weird how did he remember my # after all these years?!wut should i do guyz my mind is just spinnin lol..should i call back or not? wait..i dont need help answerin that ? i never call ne1 back lol
well i gotta go put this bad child 2 bed hes cussin n bein all bad..ill have 2 post more bout this later chao guyz!!
n dnt 4get 2 follow me on twitter!!!!!

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