Weekend Update..and my life

Hey dolls how was everyones weekend??

Mine was actually fun!so saturday we all went out and to my surprise it was the gurls who had flaked out and the boys ended up showin up to hang with me and two of my homies *hey gurl hey* lmao!its all good i beleieve we had more fun with them anyway!

We ended up playin a little bit of golfin and those damn boys are just so competive lol!yes that means i came in super last.ay nobody said i was no tiger woods ha.i have pictures from that night but its after midnight and i really dont feel like gettin up to get my camera then upload them to this pc so ill do it another day.i know lazy hu?

I told candy that i would shout sum people out who didnt show up or should i say never show up but what ever im over it lol.there is one person imparticular that iam glad they showed up.i dont know what it is that he has over me its just i can't even explain it.yes i know i said i kind of have this new guy but now all of a sudden my old i dont know i guess we can say love has just kinda popped back into my life.i thought that i had made a decision about who i wanted to be with and it wasnt him.i honestly dont know what it is but he has me now and i have signed sealed and delivered a flat out no,a relationship between you and i is not gonna happen to that well now other guy.

I know i shouldnt just throw away something that ive been workin on with someone else for this person and i dont know why i do it everytime he just wants to show back up in my life.im so confused and honestly i dont know what to do.i feel like i maybe want him because him and i have this history between eachother.i can see it like it was yesterday,the first time we meet and he slyly asked me why i didnt call him i answered with i dont have your number and then he wrote his number right there on the front of my desk! i know thats pretty lame lol but from then on i was a goner.who would have known it'd be three years later and i would have let him this close to me,this far into my feelings, and my life.

And it just frustrates me because everytime i feel like im finally gettin my life on track and i think im developin feelings for someone else,he just manages to work his way back into my life! i could just scream because i know he's not up thinkin about me as much as ive been thinkin about him, or maybe he is no scratch that its almost one am hes sleepin like a baby lol.

Oh well as usual my love life is in shambles.im gonna go now and not even try to figure this mess ive created out.o great looks whats on oxygen right now "cant buy me love"i dont even know what to say lol.on that note im gonna turn my elf back on lay back and relax.goodnight my lovely dolls luv to all *smooches*

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