Late Nite Posting..

hey dolls its late here but i just wanted to get sum ish off my mind!!

so i dont even know where to start lol..all i know i wanna say is that i really really dislike it when people use me and waist my time.and you (who this is about)may read this but i dont're a useless person a liar and get your kicks on drinking and acting immature,and playin mind games with people who care about just sayin that what people were tellin' me..everythings so done with you lose my number dont' call/text and no we can't hang out!

I don't know what it is do i just attract loser guys lmao..i know i just said all that stuff up there but give me bout a wk or so 2 cool off and see if i really want this person outta my know what they say don't make decisions when you're upset over something!

Anyway i just got outta tha shower and my ankles are tarin up itchin and for kno reason..i must have gotten bit by somethin..damn summer bugs got both my ankles haha..moving on how was everyones wknd?mine was pretty good.i just hung with tha gurls this wknd no boys just me and my gurls.we laid around friday nite n baked sum cookies and watched "hes just not that into you".i loved the movie it was so funny and true.however this one character was just a desperate for a man its gurl a man will cum for and be the one but until then just chill out lol.its sad that sum women really are like that they can't be by gotta develop a hobby honey child!

So saturday was another day with me and the gurls we hung out played a few out door/indoor was a nice day after the sun kinda went down cuz man that was burin a sista up haha.we went for icecream at dq i got me an oreo blizzard which btw they so ripped me off they didn't even fill it all tha way up im not goin back there(maybe).anyway i don't even know why i wanted one i don';t even like oreos me and candy redeemed ourselves by winnin the majority of the games, we watched i think its called "the great debaters" with denzel washington it was a really good had to be good it kept my attention haha..i know imma lil late on the movie but whatever..

That was pretty much ny wknd..pretty low key but it was alot of fun!and yes we took pictures ive just been so lazy lol..i will upload them soon...well im chattin with an old scratch that sister of mine so imma jet now..i had soo much i wanted to say but when i got behind the lab top it all just flew outta my head haha..i think next time im gonna introduce to you guys an old passion of mine that i used to do back in the day..what is it you say?'re just gonna have to come back and find out..luv ya dolls nite and sleep tite smooches!

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