Something Really Cool..

Hey dolls how are all of you doing? I hope all is well!

A couple days ago i had wrote Alyssa Milano after i had gotten over being shy thinkin to myself shes not ever gonna read this lol so i wrote a little simple short sweet msg (so that i wouldnt come off like a crazed fan haha)..and guess what she..she responded!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been watching some Janet Jackson videos online today alot of them some behind the scenes stuff and homegurl really had me cracking up gotta love her(iam still praying for you and youre family that you guys will get through this)when i was about to call it a nite then for some reason i thought hmm let me chck my email before i go 2 bed and there it was stating that i had,had a new msg from Alyssa Milano..i couldnt believe it i felt like such a lameo for the msg i had sent lol..if only i had known she was going to respond yall know i would have put my bdazzlin' spin on it rite ?lmao cdfu

Anyway that really made my night since i know we all have been kinda upset with the untimely passin of i really really thanku Alyssa for writing me back you are such a sweet heart that was a really nice thing to could have been like other celebrites and ignored it haha..i wish you happiness and a great career u seem 2 really care about your fans!!

Yall see why i like the ppl i like Janet Jackson she 2 cares a great deal about her fans as well as Alyssa you guys both.

Everyone plz remember to keep the Jacksons family/Farrahs family in your prayers..pray that they will have the strength to get through this..

And to all of you who read my blog goodnite love to everyone smooches!

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