Hey dolls hows it goin'?!

Just checked my twitter and just found out some news that i thought id share lol..

We all know about tha Jon and Kate drama right?!..well its official the two are appearently callin it quits after ten years and eight kids togethere according to people.com.wow this crazy i mean i seen it comin but i thought they would work it out..if anything Jon would want to work it man child support is gonna eat you alive lmao..unless they choose to have joint custody.which i mean come on would be the logical thing to do if you didnt have eight kids lol..Jon well no scratch that men alone can not handle more than one kid at one time..so goodluck with that you two Jon you're gonna need it lmao!

How do you guys feel about this or were you like the rest knew it was coming?haha..

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