Just Anothere Rant..

Hey dolls as always i hope all is well!

So today is friday and im just gettin up from a day of nappin' so that when i go out tonight i won't be to tired!!

I don't what it is ive just havent been able to sleep at night for awhile now..i had it under control for about a month..but this past week man its been tough..thank goodness there's been a week long marathon of roseanne because i don't know what i would be doin..what couting sheeps?!haha

You guys don't understand how boring this was..i mean i haven't even been wantin to eat..ive just wantin to lounge and eat ice cream from dq..so i guess i have been wantin to eat something just not like regular food lol..any favorites that you guys have from dq??(dairy queens)maybe that could open up my eyes and allow me to try somethin new besides lately these oreo/snickers blizzards..

Iam so feelin that song birthday sex..ya'll heard it before.."girl you know i-i-i"lmao i love it..thats me and candys song..i think what draws us to that song is that part..its so original ive never heard it in any song before lol..i like that song so much that i saved that part as my txt msg ring tone..can you imagine layin in bed and at like 8 o'clock in tha morning thats what u wake up to lmao..i love it..but my family hate it that i set my ringtones to an actually song becuase my phone usually goes off all day..that means that they have to hear those songs every single time haha..what's ur ring tone??

Well i guess im gonna head on over to my other blog and post some poetry(don't forget to chck it out ; ) *..you dolls have a safe and fun filled weekend love to all smooches*!

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