Just here to say..

Just saw the bet awards..well sat here with it on mute while on the labtop..then i saw jan come out and it just really broke my heart to have to see her that way..as she was on the edge of tears my sisters eyes aswell as mine began to fill with water.

It doesnt matter that we didnt personally know mike he really did touch the lives and hearts of millions so 2 hear how some ppl have been reactin to his passin(rudely)really upsets me..i know im just a fan (more so of janets)but to see her and her familly sufferin from this pain just breaks my heart and i just cant understand how some people can joke around about him.the man is gone its about time he has some peaceful rest..

I think that janet said it best tonight "to all of you he was an icon,but to us he was family.."....that is so true we dont fully understand what they are going through but im sure we have all lost someone whom we were very close to so we can understand what kind of pain/anger/saddness they must be going through at this time..

I think after seein jan it really hit me that mike is gone.and what a great performer,giving loving man the world has lost..he was one of a kind with talent that no one could deny.these tenny boppers out here try but they cant touch him or for that matter the talent that the jacksons carry overall..

To the family i know this is very hard and i wont lie its not gonna get easier anytime soon but in time you will find away to deal with this..i only say this because i lost someone whom i was very close with when they were at the age of 53(very young my grandmother)and four years later to this day i have flash backs during the day mainly at night about her.but its gotten easier the family can bring her up without there being any sadness come out.we have now gotten to the point where we can bring up all of the funny moments and crazy times we've had with her.so i say to you just stay strong and pray every second of everyday that you will have the strength to continue on.

I love the entire jackson clan so if you dont have anything nice to say,dont leave it on my page or anywhere,where his fans/her fans can see it..its called being considered to others duh!

About to sign out now i just had to say that tid-bit.i hope you guys will continue to pray for their family as i will...

And to everyone else enjoy youre life and the people in it..as we have all have seen life is to short..i love all of my family and friends endlessly(even wen u guys upset me haha)..im gonna go back 2 watchin old jant stuff/re-read my msg from alyssa milano..it really got me outta my funk the first time so lets try it again..

RIP MICHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009 im sure ure up there moon walkin in heaven with them famouse pair of white socks with a stain never to be saw on them!

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