o we movin on up

so hows it goin every1?i hope all is well..guess wut every1 i finally did yes me tha laziest person on tha planet has finally packed up her entire rm.say wut child shut yo mouth!lol..yes children i really did with a lil help here n there but 4 tha main prt i did it im proud of myself lmao..ok so as yall kno im movin n a couple of days so i may not b on as much makin that many blogs yall know how it is with movin n bsides idk wen ima have tha net it mayb a wk or 2(hopefully not that lng cuz wut else will i do with my time lmao) .so if u drop me a line or 2 after these next couple of days u kno y i aint hit u back yet..no its not cuz im bein lazy n dnt wanna reply its cuz i aint got no pc lmao..well anyway i kno this is a short note but im not feelin 2 well havin a lil trouble breathin..must b wen i opened my muth 2 yawn then i felt sumthin go down my throat wtf..yeah leave it 2 me 2 have sumthin like that happen dang!so ill chat with yallz lataz xoxo tiff!

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