hello every1 i hope all is well!!

yes every1 tho holidays r officially over i dk if im glad 2 b sayin that or not hmm..alls i know is that skool is almost back in session n it is time 2 say my good byes 2 my friends..im actually kinda happy 4 that idk yi still love all yall tho lol.i guess i just got so used 2 bein kinda alone then surrounded by every1 like it used 2 back wen every1 still lived here so c yall on spring break or summer vaca take carez!!
now on 2 how my day or n this case my wks have been (sorry 4 tha delayed postingz!!)
well lets c a group of me n sum of my friends all went got 2 gether n had sum well innocent fun u kno dinner n wut not.n wut d'ya think 4 sum reason me n my guy friend i guess u can say strted 2 look at eachotha n a diff lite cuz there's just this attraction there now that we just cant deny anyways i was sad 2 see him leave n i actually miss him well sorta kinda yall kno me i like my space lol..leave it 2 me 2 fall 4 a guy that went away 4 skool : (
anways i ve been watchin my sisters bad childrens a couple days this wk n im tellin yall they can drive me crazy!!!!
its official i dnt wana have kids 4 at least 3 more years i have 2 learn how 2 have a bit more patients cuz whoa huney child they wear me out lol!!
theres not really much that i can say bsides tha fact that im tired now n jus wanna take a shower n chill so ima hollaz at yallz lataz peace n luvs!

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