how im feelin..

ok so im so feelin janet's song never letchu go..childrenz plz listen 2 tha song..."a funny thing bout love we choose it aint perfect but we do tha best we u understand.and i luv u more than words can say heres 2 knowin that ull stay with me through tha complications baby what im sayin..i dont wanna give up on our fate and i dnt wanna think that its 2 late so if sumthing is broke let me go n fix it and if sumthin is lost let me go n get it cause i dnt wanna stand wen all is done n ill b next 2 u cuz ur tha 1 i said it twice n imma say it once more ur tha 1 i want im never gon letchu go(skip 2 my fav part)whoa whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa im never gon letchu go".....i luv it

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