hello every1 im back!!!
so yeah i kno i said i would try n drop a line every couple of days so yeah that didnt quite work so im here now on a nite where i coudnt sleep postin 2 all yall who read my blog!
so idk i mean nothings really been goin on with me lately cept 4 tha fact that we're gettin ready 2 move n my lazy ass has yet 2 post a box!i kno i sad u dnt have 2 say it lol.
omg r yall watchin america idol?!i mean if yall wanna quick lil laugh thats tha channel 2 turn..they is sum straight fools this go around n tha sad thing is tha ones that r horrible actually believe n they heart that they r good ha hone child plz u kno u can hear yoself echoin n u kno it dnt sound pretty!but thanks 4 tha laugh any how lmao.
my mom straight up said that she wished my bestfriend n i would have tried out 4 A.I. now i kno i aint tha best singer n aiant no way im goin down there 2 embarrass myself nfront of million yes MILLLIONS ppl!!...i did think bout goin down there 2 audition tho lolz..i thot ay if i suck then my n randy can laugh bout it later..yall kno he b tha first 2 crack a smile wen sum1 sucks dnt front lmao...
o yeah my sisters dog got sick..it was so sad he was in sooo much pain i mean cryin out every couple minutes n he just wanted 2 b held n have his lil tummy rubbed..he is doin much much more better now n im so glad cuz i miss havin his lil bad ass racin thruout tha house gettin n2 everything gettin ntrouble lmao at my sisters 2 bad children!!
anyways i feel myself noddin as im postin n aint even all that late here but ima go b4 i post sumthin yall aint ready 4 naw jp lmao b safe n take care luvs tiff! xoxo

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