wuts on my mind...

hello readerz as usuali hope all is goin well with u all!!!!!
now i woke up this mornin with an insane ear pain i mean it hurted n it still hurts!!i cant even do a simple thing like stick my finger in my ear cuz theres like pressure or sumthin goin on, on tha in/outter part of my ear wtf thinks 2 self y didnt i just finish my perscription pills i had 4 my ear last year its cumn back 2 get me now but ay ill survive maybe itll just go away..i hope so cuz i wants 2 put on my mp3 player n jam 2 my music b4 i fall asleep i can hear it now"o hot damn this my jam keep me partyin till tha am!"and "i dont wanna loose this relationship so we gotta stay strong dont wanna move on i know u sick n tired of tha fussin n tha cussin but i luv u n luv me 2.."i luv that song even tho it makes me think of all tha guys that have dun me wrong which is y i guess im kinda slightly still single..o well as beyonce said "ALL MY SINGLE LADIES"!..ok so did any1 watch abdc?n 4 those who dnt kno wut that stands 4 then u obliviously dont watch tha show lol..but yeah they got sum pretty wild crews on this year however none can competite with tha jabbaW.i mean everything they did n how they move is just sick with it but still its sum good crews on there...n asual they got them same judges i like shane bcuz hes tha only 1s opion that i value wen it cums down 2 sayin wut he did/didnt like bout wut tha crews did n how they can make it better..however them otha 2 r just annoyin 2 listen 2 most of tha time i mute my tv so i dnt hear wut they say lol!..i mean lil mama is usually a hater n jc he just annoys me all 2gether i mean wut typa dancin does he do... has even danced i mean if u call that dancin since wut tha late 90s early 2000s soon them lmao...anywas i straight up popped sum deodrant n my eye after i got outa tha shower bout 15mins ago n tha ish still kinda burn so im out lataz luvs tiff xoxo

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