hello to my fellow readers i hope all is well with you all and i hope u guyz had a wonder christmas!!!
sorry its been so long since ive last posted but with tha holidays i got lazy and i was actually spendin time with my famz..
but anywaz lets c where do i begin..so 2day is new years eve hello can sum1 tell me wut happened 2 2008?!lmao i mean it seems like 2008 just came n went..however iam xcited 2 bring n 2009 i just wanna leave all of 2008 n tha past just all tha ppl and situations and just everything i just want it 2 stay in 08 and hopefully 09 will bring much happiness 2 us all!
now on 2 wut i saw last nite on tv while i lay awake at around 2 in tha mornin!wut tha hell is goin on mind u im half sleep trynna read this message scroll across tha tv bout if u have time warner cable n sum otha cable 2nite u will lose 18 of yo channels..o hell 2 tha naw!
they talkin bout takin away my nickelodeon my vh1 my tv land n my mtv hold up!
now aint they chargin pplz 4 that damn tv box thing 2 go digital or w/e now they trynna charge 4 certain tv stations ok 2009 is not gettin off 2 a good start if i cant roll over n tha mid of tha nite n flip my tv 2 tha cosby show or fresh prince now we gotta problem lol
plz tell me i aint tha only 1 who saw this!!!
anwyay lets hope that gets worked out cuz they dnt want me 2 call that # they got posted lmao
but ima holla at yallz lataz i think i needa take a nap or else idk how ima make it 2 midnite..
every1 have fun 2nite n stay safe n drink responsibly(i kno i will holla)
luvs tiff

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