morning mess

lets see wut did i do 2day...i was waken up early i mean 2 early 4 my soul 2 function by my mother who was sreamin 2 tha high heavens bout how its snowin n she aint goin 2 work n how sorry she was she woke my lil brother up but not me!
i mean come on i know i dnt go 2 a regular school ne more but can i get sum quiet sleep 4 a change n this mad house!
every morning i kid u not they wake me up early screamin from room 2 room n yall it aint like we shackin up n a mansion or sumthin lol therefore theres no need 2 be loud that early!
o anyway back on shes talkin on tha phone im hearin every word they sayin.yall i tried everything i put a pillow over my head i put my mp3 player on they were so loud they talked thru tha music lol.
so finally after an hour of this i just coudnt take it no more so i get up n go n tha kitchen where she was n i just had 2 tell her 2 shut up!naw im jokin my mama black i woudnt be able 2 make this post if i said that 2 her haha.but for real i did tell her 2 calm down on all that singin she was doin or should i say tryin 2 finally peace at last yesssss!
wait a minute so after 30 mins of uninterrupted peacful almost back sleepness she comes n my room n asks me if i want ne hey i mean usually i have 2 fin 4 myself so i be nice n i say sure..15 mins go by n shes back i kid u not askin if i want my plate fixed..naw man im trynna sleep ill get it later do ppl not understand lol.
so finally i get up bout 20mins later n shes watchin her soaps that she records so i say 2 myself ima be irony rite now..i warm up my food slam tha microwave shut loudly slide tha kitchen chairs round go n stand nfront of tha tv then finally just slammin my door laughin haha!

a lil later in tha day my sister n nephew came over n we were all playin this really fun game called "phase 10" heard of it?if u havent u should really check it out its a really fun card game for tha whole fam(well who r of age)anyway so we're playin tha game then who shows bestfriend yay straight from tha stl!im so xcited although all of my friends who went away 4 college r cumin back shes tha 1 im most xcited 2 c sorry guys i still luv yall*mauh*they kno tha history me n her have we're practically like fam i mean hey we did live 2gethere!
so tha nite goes on we play a couple games of phase 10 n im sad 2 say i didnt win either games im usually good at it b/t me n yall i let them win so dnt go gettin ne ideas!!!!!
after that we watched "step brothers"ha its such a funny movie every1 should c trust me ull l-u-v it!

well its gettin on 2 be midnite here so ill post some more of our next few days 2gether till then ima go hit tha showers then fall fast asleep n my cozy 4 1 bed that is i hope...haha

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