o wut a nite

so lets c last nite im sleepin and im sleepin good its like 2ish..i had just really dozed off n wut do i hear a txt msg cumn thru on my cellular device..imagine urself just fallin asleep then bam all u hear is Janet Jackson's voice singing "i get so lonely"..man my heart was beatin so fast i felt like i had just ran a marathon lol..i can usually sleep thru my txt msgs that i get thru tha nite but i guess last nite just wasnt tha nite..

o so anyway i reach over n grab my phone n 2 my surprise it was this guy i had been talkin 2 4 sum months now.however hes failed 2 return my phone calls n txt msgs these past couple weeks so i just wrote him off as an o well..

so im readin wut he says n guess wut he asks me "wut am i doin?"wut n tha hell do u think im doin lol..so i respond n i tell em then he goes n 2 ask where am i n whose there with me im like why it aint you.so then he says "well im at my boys house rite now bout 2 go 2 sleep"..im like ok an u woke me up 2 question me n tell me u bout 2 go 2 sleep wen uve basically been ignorin me 4 idk how lng with no xplanation as 2 why..

so after this i send him a txt back 10,15,30 mins go go by no response..

so lets recap im sleep hear phone wakes up 2 answer it is completly annoyed with tha person n tha questions they askin is left up tryin 2 fall back asleep 4 tha next hour or so.

now 2day i try n get n touch with this person n wut do u think..no response from them*screams*

i tell you that is the most annoyin thing ever n i dnt ever again wanna hear from this person theyre drivin me freakin crazy..o wut a nite...

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