weekend shindigg!!

so lets talk about my weekend..it turns out friday i did leave.i went out 2 this lil get 2gether however by tha time i had gotten there all tha alchol was gone*screams*however its ok i was driving anyway lol!
nothin 2 much happened just sat n chilled n all that good stuff.then sumwhere along tha nite idk if it was a argument or wu but all i know is that Jesus' name got put n tha convo so you kno it had 2 be heated.so of course i had 2 sit n be nosey i wouldnt be me if i hadnt lol..anyway tha convo went on 4 awhile so we just decided 2 leave n go home.when home we decided ok lets shower n go 2 bed(mind by this time its like 1.30am).so i go n tha bathroom get ready 2 get n tha shower n wut d'ya know theres no soap!
i mean we looked hig n low all thru this m-fn house n finally found it hidin bhind a door wtf?!haha it took us like 30mins 2 find it but its all coo i got 2 get clean n we kno thats wut counts!!!
so tha next day we went shoppin at tha mall i got my third hole in my ear n iam very proud of it cuz every1 who knows me kno i dnt like pain so yaya : D !
after that we went back 2 tha house n was takin shots of barcadi i perfer vodka but its all good.we didnt go 2 bed til' 5 n tha morning.it was a fun nite lotsa laughs but ay who dont laugh wen they drunk lmao(plz drink responsibly)!!
Sunday idk didnt really do 2 much just kinda hung around..now its monday nite here n i just kinda hung 'round watchin movies all day which is fine but im bored as hell now n its 2 cold 4 my skin 2 b goin out sumwhere lol
o so bout tha movies lets c i watched like 2 of katt willaims stand up comedys all i gots 2 say is man is a genius luved them all now he is tha ish i can always count on him 4 a good laugh!
i also watched dark nite and n imo it wasnt all that great i guess cuz of all tha hype it got i thot i wud like it but it was alrite..i also watched the women that was ok 2 it had sum funny parts all n all i would tell you all 2 watch tha movies!
well im bored n i dnt wanna keep goin on n on bout nothin so ill post lataz specially if im bored haha

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