Tis' thee season...

yes peoples its almost that time of the year again in bout six days it will be christmas so go out n do that last minute shoppin n wrap them gifts up pronto : D!!has any of yallz fam who dnt live near yall startin 2 pop up early in get back in good with tha fam?i callz them kinda ppls tha pop up fam never round til they wanna eat or get sumthin free..f-in munch gotta luv em tho cuz i gotta few n my fam lol
so anyways on 2 my day lets see..well i woke up this morning watched all my childrens..have yall been watchin that?let me be the first 2 tell yall its heatin up!!however i know they better hurry up n wake kendalls azz up outta that comma or else haha
so after that i did my hair n guess wut u guyz...my hair dyed all tha way jet black this time im so xcited cant wait 2 get out there n show off my new do lol..i was up 4ever last nite with that dye n my hair so im glad things worked out this time.n tha only reason why it worked out was bcuz my mom did it 4 me..thanx loads mom cuz she kno i was lookin jacked but i still rocked it cuz iam fierce n fab lmao
ok after i did my hair i really cant remember wut i did next however i kno i watched the results cum n on little caylee anthony rip baby gurl..i cant believe sum1 would actually did that 2 a kid its just really sad...
and after i watched that i came online 2 try n do sum new things 2 my blog but im not really pc smart so im havin a bit of troubles but ill figure it out i always do lol
i dnt think im doin ne thing really 2nite i thot i would atleast b hangin with sum of my friends since they all and i mean all went away 2 skool n now they been back 3 sum days now n i aint heard from em since like monday i think but w/e they all leavin me lonely.im kinda used 2 them all bein gone now anyways so im all good..xcept 4 tha simple fact that i have 2 babysitt 2day iam so sick n tired of babysittin i never get a break from this particular person its like im not this kid parent yall both wanna go out yall better huttle up n work a schedule out sh!t lol
anyways i may leave n go out or i may not but....sumthin tells me this is gona be along nite..well ima go now but ill sumthin lataz piece readerz!!

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