im baccccc!!!

hello everyone
guess wut iam officially back!!!
sorry bout tha delayed postings but u kno how it is with movin u gotta get settled n wut usual i hope all is well with u guyz!
so wut 2 talk about...hmm...lets see..well its tha month of lovin..yes uve guessed it valentines guyz go out n get ur gurls somethin special n ladies make sure 2 look xtra nice 4 ya man...but dnt give em tha whole package show em a lil tease...make em work 4 it u gotta gurl!
i know this week me n my sister r gonna go over 2 priscillas(i kno i messed that up they needa get a normal name lol)..tha only thing is im goin 2 a sex store n wont have ne1 2 show off my things with :(..o well i can look cute all by myself..maybe next yr ill have my valentine cuz as we all kno tha guy or should i say guyz ive talkin 2 have been major lame so whomp whomp jokes on u!
so anyways off of that subject cuz im jealous of every1 whose goin out that day while im stuck babysittin so F yall lol naw im just jokin i think love is a bea-utiful thing : )
now on 2 2day..2day my uncle whom i havent seen since his weddin back n aug came over 2 was a nice visit...we all laughed n joked around 4 bout 2 hrs n i can honestly say that i enjoyed my self..cuz yall kno i be tryin 2 stay far away from sum of my fam members cuz i dnt need all that drama!
we also talked bout goin outta town this summer..that should be REALLY n i mean really nterestin cuz its very unusual of my fam 2 get 2gether n actually do sumthin as awhole..u know like tha brady bunch or sum shit lookin forword 2 seein how long we can keep this front up like everythings everythings knowin half tha time we dnt like eachotha so i will def keep yall posted with that lol...well ima get up outta here n go check sumotha stuff out...ill try n post 2mrw but yall kno me i b a lil lazy at times lol
xoxo tiff!

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