changes of my hair

so over tha past few wks ive been kinda bored with my hair and annoyed at tha fact that my hair is well over 2 different color browns. so my mom tells me 2 pick up a bottle of dye n dye my hair jet black..hmm so i did..n not wantin 2 bother her i decided 2 do it ALL by myself n wut happend..
my whole rite side dyed jet black tha top of my left side dyed but tha bottom of my rite is still all sorts of brown damn stubborn hair..
so now i have 2 walk around here with two-toned color hair 4 tha next 2 all n all i absolutly love my (well tha parts that dyed) jet black its gonna be a keeper!
*ill post pics lata im 2 lazy rite now lol*

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