Been along time!

Hello readers sorry ive been MIA for quite sometime been dealing with some family stuff then you know just tired.but its down time for me and iam actually on the pc long enough to write a post.

As of right now im just laying back watching deliver us from eva love the movie anyway lol.did you guys hear that JANET JACKSON will be honored and performing at this years amas?!and theres more theres going to be an interview of janet at her home that will air on the 18th i believe.whoooaaa very excited about all this janet news!!!!!!

Halloween came and went this year.I had to work WHOMP but trust i do believe very slightly that I just may dress up next year.the feelings been growing on me more and more lately.that could just be becuase i had to work and missed the halloween party lol.

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my sister and omg the food was delicssssssssss!it had everything that my tummy was yelling for and oh i CAN NOT wait to go sink my teeth in some of that strawberry cake with cool whip mother made ahhh its heaven lol.and lets not forget the spaghetti salad mother also made ugh thats it i need to just go im getting re-hungry as i type!

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