Hey hey now!

Hey hey now how is everyone doing? I hope all is well with you and yours!!!

As you can see I finally have the blog back up and running and I must admit i love this one I mean i like them all of course because I choose them lol but you know what I mean. I chose this one to kind of get out of that dark blogging phase I wanted something that was kust kind of chilled and uplifting thus being the new music I added you guys like?

Anyway I've been kinda down and out not really feeling to hot but I feel great today yesterday was man it was HORRIBLE!-just glad to be feeling better today!-you guys dig the new way I have my twitter updates set up down there I think its pretty neat would be even better if I could get it in a pink color but whatever I'll settle for this lol.

Well Im going to get on up out here remember comments are always welcomed!-oh yeah before I forget I'll be adding videos up to my youtube account very soon I've been meaning to do it for days ok scratch that more like weeks but ay I've been slacking sorry!lol

God bless

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