Random story..

Hey dolls was just gearing up to lay back and chill and thought i would get on and make a post. I just really wanted to tell this quick story so here it goes.

So yesterday i was so freakishly tired it makes no sense i had worked didnt get much sleep n blah blah. I only had about four hours of sleep that in itself is a no no lol but anyway i woke up with a sore hip i think i may have twisted it of something at work so thats been bothering and i woke up this morning with a sore neck wtf?lol-anyway on to what i wanted to say. Yesterday i was with the fam walking around half sleep and we were steppin out going sumwhere and sumbody was saying sumthing funny so i turned 2 see what was goin on and sum how sum way i hit my the back of my head on the car. When i say i hit the back of my head i BANGED the ish out of it-I mean ppl 1000 miles away from me could hear how loud I hit my head lol.

The messed up part is that when i hit it, it was so loud that everybody outside heard it and stopped and was like "did u just hit the back of yo head on the car?" i was like wtf how come nobody asked if i was ok since obviously i hit it that hard...blk ppl lmao jp. So yeah i was pretty banged up yesterday lol.

Anyway that was all i wanted to share will be bk (hopefully) to tell what i thought about the monique show last nite!
-btw yesterday was my lil bros bday shout out 2 him LUV U-

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