Hey hey now miss me lol!!

Hey guys hows it going?!as always I hope everything is going well!!!
Not much going on around here.Just been working and boy did i "actually" do work yesterday lol.Got off kinda late got home showered and ate and was sudddenly not sleepy anymore so what did I do?bought me a new ringtone fof my sk!may not seem like a big deal to you guys but for me it is specially since im so cheap haha.Anyway after that I just kinda laid in bed for like EVER til' i finally dozed off and didnt wake up til' almost noon!Thats a long time I havent slept that long in a good minute!

My day off today not really sure as to what Im gonna do.Maybe just lounge around the house possibly watch a few movies that I havent seen in awhile.Not quite sure at the moment.First things first is that I MUST EAT!!!!!Lol.Im so starving and mother just went to the grocery store so I cant wait to sink my teeth in a few new items.yummmy come to me baby!

I would have updated my blog alot sooner but some reason I cant access this site through my sk que' pasa?!Come on people bare with me :).Well Im gonna get on up outta here and see what some people are up to today.Hopefully not much its really cold out and rainy out and possibly some snow in the mix!-in translation Im staying in today lol chao!


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