Trip down memory lane..

Lets go back to the beginning shall we heres a little of my childhood:

Here Iam just being brought into this wonderful world wasnt I a cute baby!

I was so adorable and loving however Iam told that I was a bit of a cry baby and when I got old enough I wanted to always follow this chick around town:

Thats me and my one of my oldest sisters Toy. She used to HATE when I would follow her around.But come on now I was only what two and she was like six what else was I supposed to be doing?lol.Anyway we have since of course gotten closer and besides my mother and friends she is my ultimate bestie xoxo!

Now lets take it to elementary school where I met danielle way back in the fourth grade!Shes been my ride or die chick for the past what like 10 years love her to death shes not just my best freind but my sister.No sersiously my mother probably thinks she gave birth to her lol.
Back then and to this day we still have a tendecy to "injury" one another.She startedd it by throwing a blue light up ball with sparkles at lip and busted it!!!!!!

Here we are again for I believe our first freshmen dance aww how cute she was date!

Over the years I had became a crazed Janet Jackson fan I mean really crazed lol.This is just a tiny collage I had managed to put togethere.While the collection has grown over the years I've since put everything either on my computer or in a Janet binder.It looks smaller then how it really was back then :)

Now lets move it on up to middle school years where I met these three crazy triplets: candace,camille,and charde whom I love very dearly.I guess you can say danielle, and these three chicks(aside from some fam) are my four besties xoxo

Our hair needs to have time out Candace haha:

Whew!Im going to have to make a "trip down memory lane" prt 2 will have to go through and get more pictures for highschool years and where Iam today!!


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Leaving yall with a piece of Janet:

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