Shopping Treat!-Janet performance!!

Hey guys hows it going?As usual i hope ll is well :)

First things first did you guys see Janet performing on the amas last night?!You already know I did!I was at home cheering as if I were in the crowd and to my understanding I was told that the amas crowd was pretty wack!lol but thats beyond the point. The point is that Janet rocked the house.She rocked it so hard that every performer after her couldnt reach her level lol.Yesssssss Im telling yall she served it to me. Like I said in an earlier post she baked itm flipped it, fried, and seasoned it to and was delicssssssss loved every moment of it!!!!After her performance I was pretty much done Im not really an "award watcher" so I just got loads of updates like jlo fallin on her a*s LMAO!so funny thanks to whoever uploaded that on twitter im hearing minutes after it happened!They be on it dont they?!lmao

Anyway so I went shopping today and picked up a few items for myself it felt good to buy me a couple things specially since I havent really been spending any money, so I guess that was my treat to myself!!Now i can get in the mood for Christmas shopping!I should have been started because its closer and I hate I mean HATE a crowd and long lines ugh!maybe Ill get up early again one day and start my holiday shopping. But then with buying gifts nobody ever knows what hey want so I dont wanna hear it you get what I buy you!!lol.Here are two items I bought today didnt take a picure of everything was to lazy ha!

My lovely new wallet it was so gorg that I just had to have it!Besides Ive meaing to get a new one since Ive had my other for like ages decided to get something a little bit more "grown" up lol

And the purse to match uh-oh!lol I wasnt even looking for a match but my eye caught it!I was looking for a purse a bit more bigger but this will do.Im satisfied lol.

Well gonna hit yall later have a great day!!!


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