Ugh is all i can say!

Hey dolls!

Not a very good day for sick of doing all of this job huntin and seeing no results.anyone else having this problem?ive filled out applications and i have i gotten anything?i cant even get a job at a nursing home which is what i went to skool(even tho iam changin my major) for ok wtf?!i thot u guys were in such a "demand for nusres"!yeah w/e losers!

While out job huntin i was ridin behind this grandma on a one laner street.o Lord forebid her to go over 25 miles!!..ok i need to stop and breath just frustrated i need a job like yesterday..i guess its time for me to hike this skirt up put on some clear high heels and work tha pole..SIKE im desprate!{that was a joke no offense to any strippers ;)}

So since i had no luck today i ventured over to petco to buy me sum new babies *fishes* theyre so adorable will post pics later.they're girls so i named them sasha lee and arrianna *smile*..that picked up my day a bit!

Well gonna jet now bcuz im frustrated and just wanna chyll before fillin out more applications *sigh*

*smooches* dollz ;)

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