Michaels kids want..auntie Janet!

Michaels kids want auntie Janet according to OK magazine..

“Janet has completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks,” the friend continues. “She has been their rock. It’s clear to everyone that they are looking to her for comfort and guidance.”
Michael’s will names his mother, Katherine as the children’s guardian, but Debbie, the biological mother of the eldest kids, has expressed interest in raising them. All three currently live at Katherine’s Encino, Calif. home.
“[They] are doing great. Mom and Janet are taking care of them,” Michael’s brother Jackie tells OK!.
One concern raised is that at 79, caring for three kids might be too much for Katherine, a problem eased by Janet’s presence.
“Janet is not only willing to raise those children, she is also the only relative who knows how to protect them,” the insider tells OK!. “Janet knows the value of a private life and knows how to keep her personal life out of the news. She is determined to do that for Michael’s children. She is saying that he would want no less for them, pointing out how far he went to shelter them.”
I know we have no say but i this true i wanna know ur opinons..who wouldnt want Jan as an aunt i think she'll do a good job! ; )

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